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Kids Webster’s Dictionary is a reference tool for children in learning their English language at home or at school. It covers all the topics from the words we use everyday, to the historical words and meanings, to the new words and their definitions. It also includes an exhaustive list of synonyms, alphabetical terms, descriptions of geographical places, and occupations. In addition, it comes in print with over 36,000 articles for kids, ages 8 eleven. Over 300 new photos, illustrations, maps, and word patterns, clarify basic meanings. The kids Websters dictionary has been formatted in a convenient way, easy to read and full of interesting information for kids and adults.

kids websters dictionary

The kids Websters dictionary has been designed to encourage kids to learn and use the English language. Each word has a definition, an example, an explanation, and a sample usage in a number of situations. In addition, it provides a list of synonyms, alphabetical terms, common descriptions, occupations, descriptions of geographical locations, animals, parts of speech, games, and words that are slang. In every article, there is an exhaustive list of resources, along with a glossary of words and meanings. Each page of the kids Websters dictionary has a colorful background, complete with icons, a list of words and their definitions, a glossary, and links to the complete pages for quick navigation.

Kids can study any number of subjects, including geography, science, math, history, English, and more. They can learn about all kinds of subjects and subtopics, including sports, play, animals, construction, technology, computer skills, and more. Because the kids Websters dictionary is so extensive, kids can work at their own pace through the site, reviewing one section of a lesson or topic after another until they understand all that is being taught. There is no requirement that kids even write anything down in their lessons; the only requirement is that they be interested in learning. There are no time limits, so kids can take their learning seriously and work at their own rate without any pressure.

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