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The latest dictionary has some latest words added to it so that people can have a quick look at them. The latest words in the dictionary are those that are in the news and those that are in use in the society. If you want to have the latest definition of a word then you can go to the internet and if you are not able to find that particular word then you can search for it in the general research category. When you search using the latest dictionary words added in the dictionary then you will get the latest definitions of the words that are available there.

Latest Dictionary Words

Some latest dictionary words added in the language include the word ‘glamorisation’, which mean glamour, and the word ‘edding’. There is no direct connection between these two words but these are two perspectives on some form of wedding. ‘Glamorisation’ refers to the glamour and glory that you feel after a successful marriage and this could mean a number of things. For example the bride might feel that she went through a lot of ‘glamorising’ when she was preparing for the wedding. Similarly ‘edding’ is related to the bride’s house and the bond between her husband.

In addition to these two perspectives on wedding you can also find the word ‘tolerance’ and ‘sclerosis’. These are some other latest dictionary words that are directly related to the culture and the society. The word tolerance means to have an open mind and the word sclerosis suggests some kind of paralysis. Many times the word used here is not exactly the same as the meaning of the word.

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