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Are you aware that in the year 2100 there will be new words added to the English language? Well, according to a new book written by David Faure, there will also be a new National Geographic magazine. The magazine is called “2021”. Will the dictionary’s definition of words change from the current word? One can only hope and see. But according to the dictionary they are not going to change their meaning because it is already a word that was used before in the dictionary.

new words added to dictionary 2021

In the book “2021”, there are several new words added to the dictionary like the word “rones” which means artificial intelligent robotic androids. These robotic androids will serve as part of the United Nations Security Council as they will act as citizens of the world and they will vote on issues as they deem fit to those people without regard to color, race or religion. In fact the United Nations itself is getting a robotic android too. Therefore, according to this book, by the year 2100 new words will be part of the dictionary and the future will indeed be a computer’s world.

In conclusion, I think that it is interesting that the dictionary that we use now is not going to be with us for very much longer. As new words are created, whether by accident or by intent, they will find their way into our dictionaries. As new technology comes along and develops these artificially intelligent machines, they will be able to add new words to the dictionary. Therefore, as new words are added to the dictionary each day; our language will indeed become a computerized language.

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