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One of the main online dictionary advantages is that they provide synonyms and definitions for synonyms. This can be especially useful when you are writing texts in a language that has multiple words that mean the same thing but cannot stand alone in a sentence. A person who is learning a second language might not necessarily know what a synonym is, although they will probably encounter many synonyms when they are traveling and living abroad. When you use an online dictionary, all the synonyms are at hand and you don’t have to take time to look them up individually. Instead you can immediately see whether or not the word matches the word it’s associated with. This can be particularly helpful when you’re writing texts in languages that a native speaker may have difficulty translating.

online dictionary advantages

Another one of the online dictionary advantages is that it provides citations. Online dictionaries usually provide citations for online articles. Even when you are reading texts in a book written in another language, citations are important. If you’re presenting information as part of a research paper for a class or perhaps as part of a presentation at a conference, you’ll want to cite your sources. You can do this for online articles as well, which makes it easier to get the research papers and presentations out into the world and be kept by those who originally wrote them.

Yet another online antonym dictionary advantage is that they provide synonyms that are not commonly used, in an effort to make the online dictionary more accessible to people who aren’t fluent in the languages in which the online dictionary provides online antonyms. One example is the online antonyms for the French word ‘negotiable’. It’s a common word in ordinary conversation, yet in ordinary English we seldom use the word without the suffix -ize. A synonym for the word would be ‘unavailable’, which would also be available as ‘unresolvable’ or ‘uneffectual’. By providing synonyms, it helps people who struggle with ordinary speech, but who have access to the online dictionary, to navigate easier.

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