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The dictionary has been one of the most important tools ever created to help people find out just about anything. And yet, every year, it gets worse. One thing that is common in all dictionaries, is that it always has grammar mistakes, both spelling and punctuation errors. This causes a lot of problems when you are trying to look up something. It can be quite frustrating to look up something and get nothing but a list of words. These are the main reasons why people have started building their own dictionary.

However, there are many more dictionary improvements that can make your dictionary much better. Here, we take a look at some of these. First, let us look at what has recently been added to this popular tool.

Firstly, notice how the old annoying “Dictionary” menu from the top has almost completely disappeared. Secondly, notice how all the sub-titles for the definitions have been replaced with links to the definition itself. This way, anyone who is using the dictionary will not have to click over to the definition’s page to find out what the word means. This makes finding the definition much easier for many people. Lastly, there are now actually dictionary sub-pages for some common words that used to be just listed as a sub-heading in the main dictionary page. These make it far easier to find the exact definition you are looking for.

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