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Websters Dictionary is a dictionary of the English Language, more commonly known as the Webster’s College Dictionary. Webster’s Dictionary is any single English word or phrase, not including the spelling, that is illustrated, described, or explained in the dictionary. The dictionary was published in 18 Whitney a year after Webster died. The dictionary was edited by Noah Webster and his assistant until its publication, and was dedicated to him alone.

One of the great things about the Websters Dictionary is that you can learn many interesting words and their meanings from this book. For example, you will learn that “person” means a human being, other times it is used to mean an animal or something physical. Other words that appear frequently are “year,” “month,” “day,” “horn,” a “side,” “seat,” “ouse,” “bowl,” “hand,” and “handkerchief.” The meaning of many words in Websters can be compared or contrasted with other words from the English language.

While it is good to have the Websters Dictionary so you can look up any word in a hurry, it does have its limitations. First, it has been a long time since the book was published. It also has some spelling errors in it that can be very difficult for the beginner to take note of, especially when you have to look at the meaning of hundreds of similar words. Many times you will see two words that seem to be similar but are actually different words. Then there are words that do not have an exact spelling that may confuse some people.

Other than these problems, the dictionary is still a very useful and popular dictionary for its sheer number of words. When you are looking up a word that you use often, you can save a lot of time by using the dictionary, because Websters includes thousands of common misspellings of common words in their list. This makes your search much easier. Another great thing about this dictionary is that it is very reliable, as they take their word that they are correct.

While there are some minor errors found in this dictionary, it is still a very popular dictionary. Many people swear by this dictionary and also rely on it a great deal. This is mainly because it is a rather large dictionary, which means that you can find just about any term you need with just a few clicks of the mouse. Not only is this dictionary free but it also offers other resources besides just the dictionary. They also offer a dictionary of translations, words that mean the same thing but mean different languages, a grammar and usage checker, and an audio file of the dictionary.

This dictionary is also widely available on the Internet. You can get it from many sites that offer dictionaries. One of the best places to download a dictionary is the Open Dictionary site. If you have an Internet connection and a copy of the Windows program, you can download the dictionary right through your Web browser.

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