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The Wikipedia according to Wikipedia, also known as Wiki’s Truth, is a Dutch documentary concerning Wikipedia, directed by IJsbrand van Veelen. It was released in May 2021 and aired by the Netherlands-based television network WDR. It casts doubt on the claims made by Wikipedia’s current Arbitrators concerning the volume of material that must be added to the encyclopedia. Many see this as a transparent attempt by a major player in the encyclopedia project to keep power away from those who do not contribute enough material. Others see it as an excellent example of a scholarly endeavour undertaken by Wikipedia that has succeeded in producing accurate information.

The film according to Wikipedia, is narrated by Prof. van Veelen, a professional from the University of Twente, who had earlier worked as a Wikipedia expert. He argues that Wikipedia should be allowed to function as a free-access encyclopedia, because it is an encyclopedia that contains all the necessary information that everyone is entitled to. Wikipedia as a free-access encyclopedia implies that every single person is permitted to make a contribution to the encyclopedia, which is based on verifiable primary sources. All people have the right to submit new articles to the encyclopedia, as long as they meet the rules of grammar and style. Therefore, according to Wikipedia, anyone can edit the articles on any subject, irrespective of their nationality or location.

According to the facts mentioned above, Wikipedia has succeeded in maintaining that balance. The Arbitration process, according to Wikipedia, was done only after consulting a number of experts and after considering what would be the best solution for the project. Arbitration, according to Wikipedia, was done by individual members rather than by any kind of official body. All the changes made in the articles are debated until there is consensus. Therefore, one of the main criteria for a free access online encyclopedia, like Wikipedia, must include arbitration as a very important part of its overall working process. This shows how popular websites such as Wikipedia have become popular not only in terms of user base but also due to their high standard of accuracy and reliability.

One of the most important criteria according to Wikipedia for a reliable encyclopedia is open membership. This means that everyone can join the site, even those who do not have any interest in the subject. All new information and data are welcomed by people all over the world, according to Wikipedia, and this is another reason why Wales has been named as the Wales hub for information and data storage. Wales is developing into an information and communication hub, according to Wikipedia, and many multinational companies have made investments in establishing new offices in Wales, as this is one place where they can expect high returns.

The second criteria for a reliable encyclopedia according to Wikipedia is the fact that it is edited and checked by people who are experienced professionals in the field of computer science, information technology, English language, and the history of the web. This makes Wikipedia one of the best sources of information and knowledge on the internet, according to many experts. In addition, Wales has the highest number of editors and contributors than any other country or area. Its founder, Walesyn Thapar, was a qualified software engineer, according to his own writings on the website. He is considered as a pioneer in the online encyclopedia project. As a co-founder of the encyclopedia, he undoubtedly has vast experience in the field of information and knowledge building.

One of the major reasons why Wikipedia has established itself as the ultimate source of information and knowledge, according to Wikipedia, is its open membership policy. This is really very interesting, as anyone can join and contribute with no restrictions. Wales is a country with wide geographical area, which means that the people in Wales have always been an influential presence on the global arena. They have contributed a lot to the encyclopedia project by making contributions of their own and by making new entries on the historical events, culture, and political aspects of Wales.

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